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That Means You'll Be Getting Over 20 Years of Marketing Experience and 10 Years of Information and Internet Marketing (Including Product Launches, Creating Products, Using Surveys, And Creating Online Marketing Funnels.)
Talk About Setting Yourself Up For Success- Oh Yeah!

I Currently Have Only 5 Spots Available in this Program.
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FROM: Shannon M. McCaffery RE: Elite Marketing Implementer Program Dear Inspired Entrepreneur,

  • Are you struggling with way too much on your plate?
  • Are you frustrated because you bought all these courses and have way too much info and can never seem to get it all implemented?
  • Feel totally overwhelmed as to where to start to create more passive income?
  • Or maybe you getting better at implementing, but you want to ensure you're doing all the right things that are proven and will work for your business

Well what if I told you that there was a way you can alleviate a huge number of your problems and challenges around implementing the things you need in order to help you create more passive income.  Would you be interested? Work with me and let me walk you through step-by-step on how to go about implementing all your marketing ideas, including creating passive income for you!

Why it's So Hard to Do It Alone?

Building a successful business takes tons of knowledge, expertise, dedication, knowing how and being able to consistently take action ON your business everyday.  And if you're anything like me, you're working out of your home, which if you're not careful, that isolation can be a dream killer. It can be really hard working on your own, getting easily distracted, discouraged and go after all those shiny objects!

How Can I Help You?

I've been working with entrepreneurs just like you for the past 10 years. In fact, when I first started out I had the real pleasure of working with some powerhouses in the internet/online industry like Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver, Mike Koenigs, Alex Mandossian. I went on to help Jack Canfield, and worked for Dan Kennedy and most recently Lisa Sasevich. I've helped them with many things in their business from team building, product launches, product creation, to event marketing, and creating money-making online marketing funnels. I know the bumps in the road, the pot holes and have made a ton of mistakes, so I can help YOU avoid most if not all of them.  Plus I'm also a trained coach and consult. I can help you get there, quicker,and easier, so why go it alone?!

 Let Me Lead You to Your Path Of Success

I can help you move from  that state of confusion, or overwhelm, to a place where you have a clear, step-by-step roadmap that will enable you to start implementing things in your business that will help you build your list, creating proven money-making online marketing funnels, create products, launch them, and of course bring you passive income.

Here's to Your Amazing Success!


I Only Have 5 Spots available and
One of Them Has YOUR Name On It!

To give you the level of support that will help you create the success you so deserve, I only have time to work at this level with a handful of people at a time, If you're reading this page, that means you have already been pre-qualified for one of these spots.

Here's the deal though: You MUST be Committed!

If you're willing to make the commitment to work ON your business with me, for the next 6 - 12 months, and to commit to taking the steps necessary to create big success that you've always dreamed of, I highly encourage you to register for a free consultation call with me and get the ball rolling to work with me.

Who am I and Why Listen to Me?

My career started out in marketing and sales. I worked out of my house and called on college professors all day long, cold-calling for the most part, the worst. (I worked for a higher education publishing company.) It taught me a ton of stuff though about people and about selling. And how it's not about selling anyone anything. It's all about building relationships and so much more I would find out as my career progressed into marketing.

I worked in market research for a big publishing company for 3 years, it was the turning point in my career. Back then we actually snail mailed the surveys and they professors actually had to fill them out and send them back. Then we input the data into our custom system and I created and analyzed all the date. And we used that to create some amazing textbooks for college professors. This is where the seed was planted for me on how when you ask specific questions, with guided answers, you can take that info and shape some amazing products and services.

After that I worked in International marketing, traveling around the world twice on the companies dime. The only challenge back then with publishing is companies kept buying and merging. So I was laid off quite a few times and always managed to land on my feet.  The last time I was laid off my mentor came to me and asked me to come work for him and he'd help me create my own marketing company, so I did, and that was 10 years ago.

I joined him and we build a pretty lucrative marketing business for him, including a mastermind and membership group. I was immersed in Dan Kennedy direct response marketing and I ate it up. I went to several events over the years, constantly building my business. Along the way I was also in Yanik Silver's mastermind, Jeff Walker's mastermind and ending up working for both of them at different times.  I helped Jeff create his Product Launch Manager program and that's where I learned all my skills about product launches and having done over hundreds of them over the years.

And it was the experience I needed to truly take my business to bigger heights. And my success attracted Dan Kennedy who asked me to speak on stage with him at event, now that was awesome.

I even ended up working for Dan Kennedy at Glazer Kennedy Insider's Circle doing their product launches, marketed and ran all their events, and was their affiliate manager. My skills, knowledge, expertise and relationships are what I can bring to the table to help you create big success in your business.

I went on to help countless entrepreneurs and Internet marketers create great success including Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver and many others.  My area of expertise in working with these folks was focused around where we could make a big impact in their business quickly. It ranged from creating online products, to membership sites, and filling events and upselling to $12k programs.

Product launches is also one area of tons of expertise. Not only did I work with Jeff Walker, I've also been involved in high 6 figure and 7 figure launches, including Jack Canfield and Lisa Sasevich.

Benefits of Working With Me

Why waste time working alone on marketing your business when you can instantly tap into my many years of marketing experience and expertise in online/internet marketing.  This way you can achieve your goals faster and so much easier!

Whatever your marketing challenge is in your business, I promise, I can help you overcome it, so you can be on your way to success in your business so much faster than doing it alone.

Whether you have a single project, need guidance, or help in creating a launch or whole online marketing funnel, this Elite Marketing Implementer program is for you.

When you work with me, I will customize and tailor this program to your business needs to help you where you are right now.

  • Benefit 1 - Stop overwhelm now, no more shiny objects, I will get your focused, on track and accomplishing your marketing goals
  • Benefit 2 - I have a huge toolbox of so many resources that I will give you so you can use proven tools, templates, techniques, strategies in your business to create success for you now
  • Benefit 3 - No need to hire someone to do your next product launch, work with me and I will guide you through the process to a successful launch
  • Benefit 4 - Save you from making big, very expensive mistakes by tapping into my knowledge and expertise
  • Benefit 5 - Will work with you to map out your customized online marketing funnel and be there every step of the way to help you get it implemented. (Including giving you proven swipe files and templates and editing your copy

Shout Out's From a Few of My Clients

Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner

"Helped Turn Our New Book Into A Best-Seller!"

"We didn't know the first thing about product launches. What we did know was that we wanted our new book to become a best-seller and we had hoped it would by doing a launch. There are so many people out there who you can hire as a product launch manager and we talked to MANY of them. Shannon came highly recommended to me by several people including Suzanne Evans and Alex Mandosian. Not only did she and her team knock our launch out of the park, they also created our online course and turned our launch into an evergreen product. I'd totally recommend Shannon to do your next launch, she made it easy with her proven plans, templates and the fact that she worked with and trained with Jeff Walker, who's the millionaire launch maker."

Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner
Alex Mandossian

"Created Over $40k to the Bottom Line of Each Our Events!"

 Harv Eker (author Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) and I created this unique course called Ultimate Internet Boot Camp where we trained over 6k people how to create their own money-making websites.  It was one of the most popular courses.  In the first year we were looking for a marketing and operations person to help take us to the next level.  That's when I was introduced to Shannon at a GKIC event and we hit it off. I put her through my very rigorous consulting hiring process and she passed with flying colors. She worked with us for over 2 years helping us grow the business to 7 plus figures.  She has many talents including building successful teams, managing several projects at once, managing large events, knows her marketing to get butts in seats. And she's an ace at upselling and maximizing evens. Her VIP strategy added more than $40k to our bottom line. She's the real deal.

Alex Mandossian

Here's Everything You Will Get When
You Register to Work With Me:

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #1: 3x Monthly One-On-One Strategic Coaching & Consulting

We will get together 3x every month by either phone, skype or zoom to spend 60 solid minutes working ON your business. These aren't your ordinary "coaching" calls. Yes there will be some of that, but these are brainstorming sessions where we go over whatever is on fire in your business. It could be looking over copy for new funnel pages, or planning out your next product or launch. The important things is, together, we will create a solid marketing next steps plan that we will implement together.  The goal is to focus on the low hanging fruit so you can make money immediately.  AND in between our calls, I will be happy to look over your progress, check out your sales pages, funnel pages, emails, etc. I'm your marketing expert. You get to pick my brain, and I will also share with you all my proven templates, mind maps, flow charts, swipe files and so much more!

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #2: Implementation To Do Notes After Every Call

This is huge, no need to take detailed, copious notes on what you need to do after the call. I will type up next steps and what we agreed upon that we'd accomplish by our next call. This next step action emails will help you stay on track until our next call. Plus it will ensure we don't forget anything important that we discussed. I have a ton of practice with all my project management skills and you will also be getting my experience and proven templates and swipe files as well.

Jeff Walker

"She'll Show You Exactly What You Need to do..."

“I use a ton of surveys in my business and it’s worked like gangbusters. My prospects and clients have really guided me on what they want and don’t want. And using this information has helped create an amazing business for me. I've known Shannon for a long time, and have worked with her, she’ll show you exactly what you need to do with her system to help you use surveys and super charge your business.”

Jeff Walker, Creator Product Launch Formula, Durango, CO
Rob Berkley

"Having Great Marketing Plans & Ideas Are Useful- Implementing Them Is Priceless!"

"When Shannon first approached me about turning over the implementation of my marketing to her company, I was very skeptical. After all, marketing is the lifeblood of our businesses and I couldn’t afford any mistakes. Well, it took about 2 hours to get over being skeptical. Overnight, Shannon, whom I call my “Chief Implementation Officer,” erased my marketing hassles and headaches. Instead of sweating over a laser printer at 11PM on a Sunday night, I now check my email inbox and see that Shannon has handled it. In addition to getting things done on time without errors, Shannon is a top-marketing strategist who understands big company marketing and is also expert in Dan Kennedy style marketing (perfect for small businesses). If you own or run a business, using Shannon as your Chief Implementation Officer is like being able to print money. And, without someone like her, you are losing valuable time and money.”

Rob Berkley,, West Tisbury, MA

Elite Marketing Implementation Benefit #3: Unlimited Email Access to Me!

I know you will have questions in between our calls, and you will have marketing materials or ideas you need feedback on, you will have unlimited access to me for the entire time we work together. I will ensure you have my personal private email and will have access to me 24/7.

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #4: Editing Your Copy & Giving You Proven Templates

Most if not all coaching type programs are around helping you stay on track and stick to your goals. As I said earlier, my program is a hybrid of coaching and consulting. Not only will be brainstorm, plan and implement, I will also look over all your copy and edit for you. This way you will be ensured that your copy is working harder for you.  Plus, I will give you templates to help you create the copy faster as well as headline, sales letter and many other swipe file examples that I've collected over the years.

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #5: Exclusive Mobile Phone Access to me

This is huge, almost no one has exclusive access to my mobile phone except my top tier clients. When you sign up to work with me, I will give you my mobile phone, so you will have exclusive access to me when you need me!

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #6: 13 Months for the Price of 12 (Or 7 months for the price of 6)

I've been working one on one with clients for years and I realize sometimes things come up that can make it difficult to schedule or keep our calls each month. Plus there's vacations and many other obligations. To help you get the most out of this Elite Marketing Implementation Programs, I will actually give you 13 full  months to complete all of your coaching calls.  This way, if there's a month where we only schedule one or two calls, you won't miss out because you will have a full extra month to complete your 3 calls a month. (Please note, as much as possible we will do our best to schedule all 3 of our calls each month, this way we won't lose momentum or get too far behind in our work.)

Elite Marketing Implementer Benefit #7: Free Access to My Create Amazing Surveys Course

This course came from all of the work I've done with clients over my 10 years in my own business.  Being able to use a survey in your business is huge.  This is how we figure out what products to create, at what price, and what else you ought to have for your customers.  Surveys can also help give you proven testimonials, feedback on your events, services, customer services and so much more!  Plus when you start implementing surveys in your business, it starts a dialogue with your prospect and a conversation that will keep on giving as long as you're in business. This product shows you a proven method of not only creating your survey (With tons of proven questions for any things you need in your business.), but how to implement it, and how to increase your response rate and yes, much, much more!

Wow! That's a Lot of Personalized Help Shannon!
How Much Will Your
Elite Marketing Implementation Program Cost?

As you may have already figured out, this is NOT an ordinary "coaching implementation" program.  With this program, I am literally going to be holding your hand and working directly with you every step of the way, providing you with everything you need to create for you to successfully market your business. There are far less complete coaching, consulting programs and courses devoted to one or more of things I've listed above, costing you anywhere from $1,000 - $20,000+.

There is a financial commitment for this program to ensure that you are committed to growing your business. And because I'm giving you my time and experience which are very valuable, and up until now other clients have paid me thousands of dollars per month, have this level of access to me.

I'm giving this to you at a fraction of the cost because I'm committed to helping a handful of entrepreneurs like you double and triple your business within a year. By you committing to this program for one full year, you are signaling to me that you are serious about building a successful business. By making this investment I also believe you are sending a message to the Universe that you are serious and committed. And in my opinion, this is just as important to the success of your business as the actual work.  Remember our thoughts become things!

I struggled with how much to price this program, as my usual fees range from $3,ooo - $10,000 a month for my clients.  As I said above, I wanted to make this program more accessible so I can really help you make a difference in your business.  This is why the investment for my Elite Marketing Implementer Program is only $750 a month, with a minimum commitment of 6 months. Or you may choose to pay for the entire year or 6 months upfront, and I will give you a 10% discount.

Monthly Billing: $750
12 - Month One Pay Option: $8,100 (You save $900!)
6 - Month One Pay Option: $4,050 (You save $500!)

Next Step: Simply Click on The "Yes I Want to Apply!"
Button Below to Get Started

I have an application process for this program. The reason for this is to ensure we're a good fit to work together. We will accomplish more in your business together when there's good synergy and we're on the same page with your growth and expansion of your business.

After you fill out the application, I will contact you to schedule your free consultation with me, it's THAT EASY!

My 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee


Iron Clad 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I’ve always believed in a strong guarantee and to make it so appealing that it’s virtually risk free for you to work with me. This is the deal…

Your investment is risk and hassle-free. Work with me for 30 Days. If you aren’t completely thrilled with our work together, then I don’t want your money. Simply tell me why it’s not working and I will promptly issue you a hassle free refund, no strings, no harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.

YES, I Want to Apply!
Susan Berkley

"You Have Just Saved Me a Ton of Money and Time
Creating Something for Which We Would Only Have Gotten Mediocre Results"

"I just surveyed my list about a 3 day event I am thinking of doing in NJ in November as well as what they want and what they are looking for. Following your survey course templates I easily created a THANK YOU page with a pdf download of an interview I had in my archives and we got 377 detailed responses overnight! I quickly learned that they don't want the NJ event but would do an on line course and they want me to come to them, especially Florida...soooo I am creating a online course and then I will do a little road tour traveling to 3 or 4 cities in states they wanted for a one day live training attached to the course. The live seminar will be a bonus for course members or maybe I will make it an optional up sell. You have just saved me a ton of money and time creating something for which we would only have gotten mediocre results. With this unique tweak giving them exactly what they want, I predict this new program will easily bring in 6 figures. All thanks to Amazing Surveys!"

Susan Berkley,, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Holly Getty

"She Helped Me Increased My Client Base So Fast!"

"With Shannon guiding my marketing campaign, she has unbelievably helped me increase my client base, and boost my sales in just 3 months! She took all the guesswork out of how to market successful by giving me proven tools, templates, and techniques so I was able to get tangible proven results- love her!"

Holly Getty, VP Calvin Klein, NY, NY
YES, I Want to Apply!

Close & PS

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Lara Riggio

"Proven Results With Way Less Time & Effort!"

"Working with Shannon has been a incredibly valuable investment. She’s taken the guesswork out of marketing and product launches for me, making all of my efforts in these areas way more profitable and efficient then ever before! She showed me that it makes much more sense to hire someone like her who is a marketing genius -- the results I get using her proven strategies, templates and techniques, creates greater success, saves me time and way less effort- money well spent."

Lara Riggio,, New York, NY
Debbie Phillips

"Shannon's Simply a Wiz When Creating Successful Proven Online Funnels"

"I’ve known Shannon for over 14 years and in fact, I was her first Executive Coach. I loved with her through all her career and life transitions. She was always so dedicated, enthusiastic, and such a voracious learner. It was really a privilege being her coach. So that’s why when I started my company- Women On Fire, I knew I had to hire her to help me. She’s simply a wiz when it comes to creating online marketing funnels, creating surveys to get at the heart of your prospects and all her wisdom on how to create a successful business online and offline. She’s the real thing when it comes to not only creating a memberships, but in figuring out how to create passive income. Don’t hesitate to work with her, just give her a call, like I did! ~ Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women On Fire- Get all the Inspiration, Strategies and Support from this wonderful community of women."

Debbie Phillips, CEO Women on Fire, West Tisbury, MA
YES, I Want to Apply!