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"Helped Turn Our New Book Into A Best-Seller!" "We didn't know the first thing about product launches. What we did know was that we wanted our new book to become a best-seller and we had hoped it would by doing a launch. There are so many people out there who you can hire as a product launch manager and we talked to MANY of them.  Shannon came highly recommended to me by several people including Suzanne Evans and Alex Mandosian.  Not only did she and her team knock our launch out of the park, they also created our online course and turned our launch into an evergreen product. I'd totally recommend Shannon to do your next launch, she made it easy with her proven plans, templates and the fact that she worked with and trained with Jeff Walker, who's the millionaire launch maker."
~ Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach & Pamela Bruner, Founder